Who Ya Got?! Week 10: Diabetic Pheonix Edition

Who Ya Got?! Week 10: Diabetic Pheonix Edition

Here we are the week the Diabetic Phoenix get to write his bit for the League – the last time I did the blog I was very pleasant towards everyone but this time fuck that this league has been so poisonous even Theresa May would struggle to compete – the league is full of fucking fantasy gods or so they think.

I could go into great depth about the match ups etc. but quite frankly I have better things to do like work or changing dirty nappies.

Bobby Nelsons Tash Clash Game of the Week

Hail cajy vs Newcraighall Nukes

This is an interesting match up following both winnings last week – my wife who very rarely uses harsh language said to me the other week “is CA-JY the boy who changes his team name every season?” I replied yes – her response was “what a fanny” – after picking myself up the floor said that’s 100% accurate.

Ape, after a bad start, has pulled himself to within a whisker of a playoff berth and will be looking to pull off victory this week even though this dick knows fuck all about NFL apart from who Tom Brady is.


Newcraighall Nukes to edge this purely because CA-JY is a DICK.

Shooting By Arrangement vs Bigger the Better

Two oracles of the game – both desperate to get into playoff and this couldn’t be a bigger match for both.

I have no doubt Dave will be watching this week rubbing himself red raw every time Todd Gurley touches the ball and Kyzi will be hiding under his covers when the  aforementioned leads the Rams to victory.


Shooting By Arrangement to win and send Kyzi to the danger zone

Decatron’s Dabbing Destroyers vs A Bunch of Helmets

Well in my mind Doigy should walk this but Decs disabled’s have put up decent numbers the last few weeks so might be closer than people think.


Doigy to sneak it and let Decs prepare his team talk for the looming Doofy Bowl.

Goulash Goons vs Top Shaggers

Goulash (MY MATE) to win this game hands down and send a member of the oracle group into the abyss –  Goulash had a great start against me last week can see him continuing this this week.

Jimbo will no doubt be bunkered in come Sunday night in his what can only be described as a surveillance room to watch things unravel in front of his eyes. I wouldn’t like to be the computer screen who feels the wrath of his fury when Goulash pumps him into next week.


Goulash Goons

Beast Mode vs Asked Madden

As a good luck charm rumour has it Sheep has a ritual every Sunday night come game time to strip down to his boxers smoother himself in a family bag of cheesy Doritos then shout here PUSSY PUSSY and wait for his kittens to come and eat every drop off his semi naked body.

I for one fancy my chances this week and hope I can steady the ship after 2 shock defeats.


Beast Mode to inject Sheep with some much-needed Insulin.

Doofys Disabled Duel

Deshaun of the Dead vs Samba’s Warriors

Here we go the league know it all and newest member go head to head which on form should go to OneSki but I think it could be week wee Joshy could sneak a win and build momentum going into his Doofy bowl playoff.

OneYoung looks to have secured a playoff berth and given he is the only cunt in here that actually plays the game it’s about fucking time.


Deshaun of the Dead

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